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Are you looking for a Sarasota dermatologist? Patients who visit Dr. Elizabeth Callahan, Dr. William Adams and the caring staff at SkinSmart Dermatology® have emailed us about their experiences.

Please read through some of the verified testimonials we have received from our patients below. We are proud to announce that with more than 900 recent certified patient reviews, we have achieved an approval rating of over 96%!

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I was very pleased with my experience in working with Skinsmart Dermatology. I had to have Mohs surgery to remove basil cell skin cancer and Dr. Adams performed the surgery. All of the staff was very pleasant to work with and they all worked to make me feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. They prepared me ahead of time on what to expect and then what happens after the procedure. Dr Adams took the time to walk me through his plan for the surgery at my pre-op visit and helped me feel very confident I was in good hands. The surgical process went perfectly and the Dr. even followed up with a phone call the next day to check on me. I’ve never had a Doctor do that for me after a surgery. I’ll even mention they have a very nice waiting room and well designed decor. Thank you Dr. Adams and team!
– D.S.

I would like to take the time to Thank the team at skin smart dermatology. My doctors gave me a referral biop. Long story short it was the wrong field. Your team took the time to explain the error on there behalf. Not knowing my backstory. I have been sick for almost two years and have seen a lot of doctors and practices. Your teams professional and diligent work made me feel like their are still good practices in the world. I apologize for the inconvenience of the mistake my doctors secretary made. Instead of making me feel stupid. Which I have experienced many times in this past 2 yrs. Your team made me feel welcome and still took the time to give me care and check my skin anyways. The team took the time and care even though this mistake occurred. The diligence and care of the fantastic team at  Skin Smart Dermatology. Not only is it a direct reflection of the lead physician and office manager. It gave me a sense of hope. Not only is there still not just good but above reproach and awesome doctors  and doctors teams are out there. I look forward too my check in a year. If only I could have you and your teams excellence  as my primary care team.
– C.M.

I’ve been going to Dr C for years – she and her staff are absolutely awesome! I’ve always be extremely pleased with my outcomes :). I’ve had cosmetic injectable procedures – painless I might add, and worth every penny! I’m scheduled for an ultherapy procedure next month and am confident my outcome will be fabulous- I’m so excited! I highly recommend!
– K.S.

Kate Weed is awesome, I can’t thank her enough. Great staff!
– M.D.

Coolsculpting works!! After being told by two plastic surgeons that the only remedy for my fat deposits in my midsection was surgery…I found Coolsculpting and it is easy, non-invasive and does the job without any down time.
– C.A.

I have a low pain threshold and a fear of needles, so I was very apprehensive about my lip filler procedure. Dr. Callahan and her staff at SkinSmart Dermatology were very understanding and helped to quickly put me at ease. I experienced no discomfort and the procedure was a breeze. No pain, minimal down-time, and great results. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my lip procedure. Dr. Callahan is very detailed and thorough, an artist in her field! Thank you Dr. Elizabeth Callahan, you are amazing! Since this visit, I have returned multiple times for additional services and remain highly satisfied!
– M.J.

Dr. Callahan is fantastic. She is the most talented dermatologist in my experience, both on cosmetic work and cancer screening.
She is conservative and does a beautiful job with cosmetic work you may want done. On occasion where I had to have biopsies, she leaves little to no scar. Her staff is lovely too! Office is beautifully done and comfortable. Highly recommend.
– C.M.

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