Dr. Callahan is one of the first doctors to inject Restylane Silk in the USA!

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Introducing Restylane® Silk, the first and only FDA-approved filler designed specifically for the treatment of lips and the lines around them. Restylane Silk’s unique, refined formulation is designed for precise lip shaping and for smoothing the lines around your mouth to create a natural look. It was first available to only a few select cosmetic dermatology practices like SkinSmart and we are excited to be able to offer this new filler to you! How does it work? Just like the … Continue reading

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Call for Your Free Skin Analysis at SkinSmart’s Skin Care Center!

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It’s hard to know which skin care products will actually work on your specific skin issues and what types of damage you may have lurking under the surface of your skin! We can help you with VISIA. VISIA is a photographic system we have here at SkinSmart that allows our skin care staff to “see” the condition of the surface of your skin, and its sensitive photographic technology can show what is happening underneath the skin’s surface. You may have … Continue reading

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Now is the Perfect Time to Start CoolSculpting Treatments to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat!

Coolsculpting Event

No matter how hard my patients diet and exercise, certain areas of the body never seem to lose stubborn fat. But CoolSculpting® actually freezes away unwanted fatty deposits without downtime and with virtually no pain! And the best news is you can receive a treatment sometimes in an hour or less. Larger areas may need more time, but usually not more than 2 hours. So, if you have “love handles” or other areas that do not respond to traditional diet and … Continue reading

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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery!

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1. Mohs surgery is named after Dr. Frederick Mohs who developed the treatment in the 1930s. 2. Mohs surgery is considered the most effective way to remove common cancers like basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. Mohs has the highest cure rate – approx. 99% for new cancers and 95% for recurrent cancers! 3. During the surgery, a thin layer of skin is removed and examined under a microscope. If cancer cells are still present, another thin layer is removed. This … Continue reading

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Dry, Scaly, Rough Patches or Spots on your Skin Could be Actinic Keratosis

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Actinic keratosis (AK) is a rough, dry, scaly patch or growth that forms on the skin. An AK forms when the skin is badly damaged by ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun or indoor tanning. Most people get more than one AK. AKs are very common and one of the most frequent conditions we diagnose. Most become red, but some will be tan, pink, and/or flesh-toned. If left untreated, up to ten percent of AKs develop into squamous cell carcinoma, the … Continue reading

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Many Options Are Available to Treat Sun Damaged Skin with Minimal Downtime

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Patients often ask me what I can do to help them combat and reverse aging and sun-damaged skin. The answer is … there are many options, and often one modality isn’t the answer. Most of the time a combination of one, two or three modalities achieves the best result. I see sun damaged skin in most of my patients, whether it is sun damage on the left arm and face from driving in the Florida sun, or whether it is … Continue reading

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Facts to Know About Skin Cancer Surgery and the Difference a Fellowship-Trained Mohs Micrographic Skin Cancer Surgeon Can Make

Mole Exam Image-SkinSmart

Lately, we’ve seen many advertisements for dermatologists saying they are Mohs Surgeons or that they practice Mohs Micrographic Surgery. The fact is, there are only 117* Fellowship-Trained Mohs Micrographic skin cancer surgeons in the entire state of Florida, and of those only about 90 are currently practicing dermatology. And from Tampa to Port Charlotte SkinSmart Dermatology is the only single-office practice to offer area skin cancer patients the availability of TWO Fellowship-Trained Mohs Skin Cancer surgeons. This is an extremely … Continue reading

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Important Sunscreen Tips You Need All Year

Skin Cancer Dr. Callahan

Skin Cancer is the only cancer that’s on the increase in the USA today. One of the things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones from developing skin cancer is to stay out of the sun. When that’s not practical (for instance when you live in Florida) wearing sun protective clothing, staying out of the sun during the middle of the day and wearing sunscreen every single day are just a few of the things you can … Continue reading

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Dr. Callahan in NYC to Discuss Lasers and Try the New Tria® At Home Laser

Tria NYC Event-October 2014

In October I traveled to New York City as an expert speaker for a Tria® sponsored event to introduce the Tria at home laser tool to a select group of media professionals. More than 30 international and national magazine editors representing some of the most well-known lifestyle, fitness, beauty and fashion magazines were in attendance. I met some wonderful people from the Tria beauty group who put together the event. It was also great to meet all the editors from magazines like Cosmopolitan, … Continue reading

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Join Us at Our Next SkinSmart Seminar


At SkinSmart Dermatology®, I try to host at least one seminar a month for my patients. The more educated my patients are, the better I am able to communicate each procedure’s process. But more than that, I hold seminars for my patients as a way to not only explain procedures and introduce new equipment or products, but also to personally interact with patients in a more informal and approachable way. As a dermatologic and Mohs skin cancer surgeon, my days … Continue reading

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