What Are Age Spots and How Can They Be Treated?


No one likes to see the appearance of brown spots, or “age spots” on their face or body! Not to be confused with freckles, which usually appear on the face and body of young children with fair skin and red or blonde hair, age spots are brown patches or spots you typically see on the face, arms and hands of adults, and are a result of excessive exposure to the sun over time. Here in southwest Florida, we see patients … Continue reading

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What’s a Castle Connolly Top Doctor?

Elizabeth Callahan MD- JPEG CC Top Doctor Logo 2016

Patients often ask us what Dr. Callahan’s designation as a “Castle Connolly Top Doctor” means. It’s an important question because there are so many “awards” and designations given out by various organizations … and some are not very well understood by the general public. Receiving an award in recognition of your work as a physician, whether from a local newspaper or magazine … or from a national entity like Castle Connolly … is something physicians can be proud of. As a … Continue reading

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Where Should You Get Your CoolSculpting Treatment?

Coolsculpting Before and After Google Post

You may have heard of this  non-invasive way to gently “freeze the fat” away in targeted areas of the body. This innovative treatment, CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ®, is available in Sarasota at SkinSmart Dermatology®. You may have seen advertisements from other facilities offering this procedure that make it sound as if this is a new process, but in fact it has been used to treat excess fat for years. We were the first medical facility on the West Coast of Florida to … Continue reading

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Catch Skin Cancer Before it Becomes Dangerous- Tips from SkinSmart Dermatology

Mayo Clinic TYpes of Skin Cancer

I see people of all ages with mild to severe skin damage from the sun. I see young people with tanning-bed tans and older individuals still getting sunburns because they don’t use sunscreen or lost track of time in the sun! As a Mohs skin cancer surgeon, I urge my patients to reduce their exposure to the sun as much as possible, and to avoid tanning beds at all costs. No one thinks they’ll get skin cancer, but according to … Continue reading

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CoolSculpting Body Contouring Now Adds Double Chin Device to Reduce Under Chin Fat!

CoolSculpting Chin Results

CoolSculpting by ZELTIQ®, is available in Sarasota at SkinSmart Dermatology®. We were the first medical facility on the West Coast of Florida to offer this procedure and we are a certified facility with years of experience sculpting the best shape for you. Freezing fat cells is a no downtime procedure that works through cryolipolysis — the cells are frozen and gradually eliminated by your body naturally! Best yet, those fat cells do not return! CoolSculpting can be used to reduce stubborn … Continue reading

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This Winter Why Not Try an Oil Cleanser Instead of Soap?


There’s been a rethinking of the way we cleanse our skin. Some advocate not using soap products at all, while others suggest only bathing in the winter a few times a week to protect your skin’s natural body oils! While I am not sure I’d give up bathing, winter weather does cause skin to feel parched and dry, making skin more susceptible to irritation.  To the rescue are the new and improved oil cleansers for the skin. Oil cleansers and lotions … Continue reading

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Fuller lips don’t have to be fake-looking with the newer, softer fillers

Resty Silk screenshot

We have seen Kylie Jenner’s over-filled lips splashed on every magazine cover this year, and unfortunately, this has given a “bad” name to lip fillers. I have always believed that a more natural look is better when trying to achieve a younger appearance. So, in my practice, I combine my artistic aesthetic skills with my medical experience and knowledge of facial musculature and bone structure to give each patient the best look for them. Lip fillers have come a long … Continue reading

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Facial Peels at SkinSmart Dermatology Can be a Good First Step in Facial Rejuvenation!


Chemical peels can address numerous skin conditions and are often a good first step in kick starting an overall facial rejuvenation strategy. Chemical peels of the past  were sometimes a little too strong and if left on the skin in too high a concentration or for too long without being neutralized, these left patients with major down time and skin that looked much worse than was anticipated before healing. For these reasons and others, the facial peels we use in the … Continue reading

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How Can Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) Help with Overall Facial Rejuvenation?

Nancy IPL

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, is a laser treatment to help reduce some of the signs of aging skin. It can be a great option for those wanting to remove or lessen the appearance of unsightly brown spots or age spots that appear on the skin after years of exposure to the sun. IPL may also help improve overall skin tone, lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles and reduce the redness from broken capillaries. Before your IPL treatment, our … Continue reading

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Low Cost Medi-Spas May Not Be Your Best Choice for Cosmetic Treatments

Medi _ Spa Dangers- Dr. Oz

Almost daily there are news stories about some kind of filler, injectable or laser treatment that went very badly at a beauty or “medi” spa.  Most of these stories are scary, but they can be very informative and often discuss the risks involved when men and women choose minimally-trained individuals to perform cosmetic dermatology treatments on their face or body. (Click on the image of Dr. Oz to see his warnings about non-medical spas including questions to ask before allowing anyone to perform … Continue reading

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