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Injectable Fillers Before & After Photos

Surgeon: Elizabeth Callahan, MD

Expert injector and nationally-recognized cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Callahan is the only one who will inject fillers at SkinSmart, and she uses only FDA-approved products, including RADIESSE®, BELOTERO BALANCE®, JUVEDERM®,  Restylane® and Restylane Silk® for her Sarasota patients.

When it comes to healthy, beautiful skin, price should not be your main consideration. The skill and experience of your injector should be your top priority! At SkinSmart Dermatology®, your skin is our only business! Request a cosmetic consultation by calling our office in Sarasota at (941) 308-7546.

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and results may not occur for all patients. These photos are of actual patients of our practice who have provided consent to display their pictures online.

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